eSniping, Founded on the 1st January 2013 by Zak and WaRTeK is a gaming organization which host’s LAN Events and currently expanding. Since being founded on the 1st January, eSniping or Electronic Sniping has grown from strength to strength gathering the attention of the Call of Duty community. Essentially what eSniping is, Is a competitive game-mode where the only weapon of choice is a sniper rifle which showcases the players versatile use of a sniper rifle and their accuracy. Since being formed, Big teams within the community have formed eSniping teams with the likes of FaZe and SoaR, two of the biggest sniping teams in the community, competing. Since growing from strength to strength we have been featured on the Major League Gaming stream a number of times and our now known throughout the community. Having formed a fan base eSniping will continue growing and has staff throughout Europe and North America. Having come this far eSniping will strive to continue and hopefully in the distance future have LAN Events throughout Europe and North America.

– Tom

 “Staff at eSniping”

English: https://www.en.e-sniping.com/‎
French: https://www.e-sniping.com/
English Twitter: https://twitter.com/eSnipingCompEN
French Twitter: https://twitter.com/eSnipingComp